Saturday, January 27, 2007

Picture perfect

An article was run in this week's Burnaby Now newspaper capping the competition. According to the article, Chef Jaeger's Halibut and King Crab dish placed 5th overall, while there were hollandaise issues with the Guinea Fowl dish. Another fact: this year's French competitor, who won first place, had a budget of $1 million and hadn't worked at all in the past year. Kudos to Chef, who, with a budget of a mere $75,000 and a restaraunt to run, still wowed us all!

Read the article here.

Some more pics for you all, of Chef Jaeger in action!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Amidst all of the sightseeing and hobnobbing, Arianne found time to fill me in on Chef's final placement in the competition. While I don't know the final standings for the other competitors, Chef Jaeger did place 7th overall in the competition! I'm told that Team Jaeger is enjoying themselves immensely in Lyon, and hopefully will have a few pictures to send me soon!

Congratulations Chef Jaeger and Brody White! Time for some well deserved r&r!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Chef Jaeger's creations:

Halibut and King Crab Platter:

Slow-cooked "rack" of Norwegian halibut wrapped with Norwegian King crab, black truffles and braised leeks, crab and tarragon glaze, tomato "pearls"

Garnish 1: Pickled golden beet with Norwegian crab and fennel salad under anise cured tomato

Garnish 2: Sweet English pea tart with "cipollini" onion custard

Garnish 3: Warm carrot jelly with salsify center and carrot "air"

Poulet de Bresse Platter:

Poulet de Bresse "en cocotte" with apples, Canadian rye whiskey, Black truffles, chanterelles and Artisan bacon, plum apple glaze

Garnish 1: Crisp potato cup with poached quail egg and Hollandaise sauce over chicken liver mousse

Garnish 2: Warm haricots verts and walnuts over shallot quince jam and confit of Butternut squash

Garnish 3: Thyme-roasted mushroom with foie gras and celeriac fondant, Albufera sauce

A job well done

Were you watching?? Around 10 am this morning the judges delivered their final decisions. And the winners are:

Gold: Fabrice Desvignes for France
Silver: Rasmus Kofoed for Denmark
Bronze: Frank Giovannini for Switzerland

Special Prizes:

Fish prize: Sven Erik Renaa for Norway
Meat prize: Markus Aujalay for Sweden
Best poster: Kotaro Hasegawa for Japan
Best culinary identity: Kotaro Hasegawa for Japan
Best commis-chef prize: Chang Yung Lua for China

We are still awaiting to hear how Chef Jaeger placed out of 24 countries. I will have all the detailed pictures of Chef's contending entries as soon as blogger fixes its bugs!

Congratulations Chef Jaeger and Brody White for successful completion of the 2007 Bocuse D'Or! We are proud to have Canada represented by you, and we hope you are as satisfied as we are! Thank you!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Watch it live!

This just in! Sent to me by Pear Tree cheerleaders (Thanks Lisa and Arianne!), this is a link to a live video feed of the competition! The site is in French, but if my elementary-school level French is right, it will begin airing the entire day 2 competition live, starting at 10am Lyon time (which should be 1am Vancouver time).

Who needs sleep?

Bonne Chance!

The day has arrived! Chef Jaeger competes tommorrow morning, although with France being ahead 9 hrs, we will recieve the results around11 am our time. A few facts:

*Jager and White will have 5 hrs to complete their work, from feathering/boning to plating.

*There will be an assigned kitchen helper, usually a young apprentice chosen by Bocuse D'Or officials to assist in the kitchen, which each team can delegate whatever tasks they wish to.

*The competition starts at 9am, with the 12 competitors staggered approximately 15 minutes apart; each competitor must be in their kitchen at 9am and wait until the signal is given to start (meaning Jaeger and White will have approximately 2 hours to kill!)

*Two meats each with three accompanying garnishes for 12 judges = 96 invidually prepared portions

*Potentially 40 points for taste, 20 points for presentation

*The kitchens are in stalls side by side facing bleachers of fans and supporters, who will be cheering and taking photos the entire duration

*Scoring operates much like figure skating: highest and lowest scores are tossed out, and Chef Jaeger is scheduled to go after perennial favorite France, which is potentally a good starting position (much like skating after the Russian competitor at the Olympics!)

Although I have yet to hear from Team Jaeger i do have a link to another article written in the Burnaby Now.

Bonne Chance!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Setting it Straight

This week's edition of the Georgia Straight features a story about Chef Jaeger and the Bocuse D'Or. Read it here!

Stay tuned for more updates!