Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A job well done

Were you watching?? Around 10 am this morning the judges delivered their final decisions. And the winners are:

Gold: Fabrice Desvignes for France
Silver: Rasmus Kofoed for Denmark
Bronze: Frank Giovannini for Switzerland

Special Prizes:

Fish prize: Sven Erik Renaa for Norway
Meat prize: Markus Aujalay for Sweden
Best poster: Kotaro Hasegawa for Japan
Best culinary identity: Kotaro Hasegawa for Japan
Best commis-chef prize: Chang Yung Lua for China

We are still awaiting to hear how Chef Jaeger placed out of 24 countries. I will have all the detailed pictures of Chef's contending entries as soon as blogger fixes its bugs!

Congratulations Chef Jaeger and Brody White for successful completion of the 2007 Bocuse D'Or! We are proud to have Canada represented by you, and we hope you are as satisfied as we are! Thank you!

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