Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bonne Chance!

The day has arrived! Chef Jaeger competes tommorrow morning, although with France being ahead 9 hrs, we will recieve the results around11 am our time. A few facts:

*Jager and White will have 5 hrs to complete their work, from feathering/boning to plating.

*There will be an assigned kitchen helper, usually a young apprentice chosen by Bocuse D'Or officials to assist in the kitchen, which each team can delegate whatever tasks they wish to.

*The competition starts at 9am, with the 12 competitors staggered approximately 15 minutes apart; each competitor must be in their kitchen at 9am and wait until the signal is given to start (meaning Jaeger and White will have approximately 2 hours to kill!)

*Two meats each with three accompanying garnishes for 12 judges = 96 invidually prepared portions

*Potentially 40 points for taste, 20 points for presentation

*The kitchens are in stalls side by side facing bleachers of fans and supporters, who will be cheering and taking photos the entire duration

*Scoring operates much like figure skating: highest and lowest scores are tossed out, and Chef Jaeger is scheduled to go after perennial favorite France, which is potentally a good starting position (much like skating after the Russian competitor at the Olympics!)

Although I have yet to hear from Team Jaeger i do have a link to another article written in the Burnaby Now.

Bonne Chance!

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